Animal Abuse – Help Stop it While You Shop!

Charities that seek to save and protect animals are often grossly underfunded. Many of them rely solely on donations, without which more and more animals are left mistreated or neglected. I wanted to make a difference by contributing a donation of my own. A simple search for “charity animals” yielded over 9 million results on Google.

The list was exhausting. To make matters worse, I found that many of the organizations didn’t even accept individual donations, only membership. These memberships cost an exorbitant amount that is, sadly, beyond my price range, much as I would love to contribute so much to such a vital cause. Searches for “pet donations” and “animal help” only yielded similar results. Finally, I searched “pet give” and discovered from the very first link provided a simple and reasonable way to help the animals. Instead of outright donations, I could donate money to charitable organizations benefiting animals simply by shopping online. Each time I purchased an item, a charitable organization of my choice would receive a check.It was wonderful to find that these online shopping and donating sites allow you to choose your own charity, ensuring that all the money I helped contribute would go toward animal protection. I thought that choosing a charity would be no problem, since I had already hoped to help mistreated pets and animals. But the list of participating charities supporting animals was much more extensive than I had anticipated. Most of these sites only allow you to choose just one charity, a task that proves quite difficult since each seems more worthy than the next. Each time I visited a charitable site, my heart was instantly warmed. Many feature stories of animal maltreatment by detailing individual experiences. Seeing the faces of those helpless animals right next to their own personal tales of horror was very affecting and moved me to register on more than one site. In most cases, registering was easier than I had anticipated; only requiring a name, email address, and password. The system itself was effortless, too.

All I had to do was shop, and the store automatically reported it back to the online shopping donation site with which I had registered that particular charity. I confirmed that the charity received a check from the site soon after.

At first, I had reservations about registering on these sites, expecting to find only a few local participating stores. In fact, I thought that the only stores that would register to make a contribution to animal protection and rescue organizations were those affiliated with animals, like those selling animals or pet supplies. Instead, to my surprise, most of these donation sites offered an extensive, wide-ranging list of participating stores, including Barnes & Noble and Best Buy. I was so excited to start shopping and donating that it was a bit of a disappointment to find that these sites only offer donations with online purchases. Of course, if I’m going to shop online anyways, why not turn each online shopping spree into charity? If these donation sites can make shopping a selfless experience, I’m all for it.I was also surprised to find that the percentage donated with each purchase was more significant than I had expected. Granted, some stores offer only minimal donations with every purchase, but overall I found the stores to be quite generous. Some sites even offer the additional bonus of exclusive coupons for participating stores, making me more inclined to shop there at all.

All in all, online shopping and donating sites are a great way to donate money to save animals. It’s so important that these animals receive our aid and what better way to give it than by shopping online?